the word of the living!!!

I can never be who i am….

and that is the real tragedy.

I frighten to be someone

Yet I am portraying someone that I’m not.

I used to be fearless…

but it was a childhood memory.

I am not what I am…

I thinked,

I used to.

There is a demon inside me…

and it’s not just a demon with malevolent potential.

He is much worst, he possess me!

He torment me “that i am not good enough”

He want’s to suck all life from me.

He wants to destroy me in everything He have

And challenge me from everything I haven’t.

I am not a good “kid”

But maybe maybe i’am done on trying.

I care nothing in this world…

In preachers way I said I am nothing.

I used to care but

I lose the intimacy to feel.

I laughed a fake laugh.

I smiled a fake smile.

even cries, and the anger and  pain are lose in me.

I want to destroy myself…

and everything that surrounds me.

And I’m trying not to




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