There once was a time
I called you just about every day
Years ago, that almost feel like yesterday
My friends may have thought I was a mama's boy
But that was okay
I'd call you anyway
Always interested in what you had to say

Now I ponder the time I've wasted
The hours I've lost
I guess living life has a cost
As within daily living we're tossed
Grown up problems and being bossed
Getting older 
Hair turning to frost

I might call less
But you I'd never forget
Loving you is a sure bet
I know you will always listen
Whether I'm happy or upset
You're the one in my corner
When others think I'm all wet

Other's might have frilly moms
I love that you are strong
Your hugs one of my favorite things
They make me feel like I belong
So important
When sometime things go wrong
I know that you and me will always get along

So on this coming mother's day
I'll give thanks as I pray
Appreciative that you are more than okay
You are a one of a kind
My favorite 
A true original
Better than Frank Sinatra
No apologies
Wonderful woman
Doing it your way!

— Richard Lamoureux

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