Do i have a weight problem?

Or I’m not just happy to what I’m seeing.

I don’t know!

But whatever reason this may seems sad

but this is not the saddest part of my life.

It is hard to pretend that you gain weight…

It seems way back when I tease my brother that he is Fat…

yes I’m happy and in this picture it looks like i’m on constant sorrow.

I post this picture after I bought some clothes…not because nothing fits me but,

yes there are some

but when you are tired and you think that you are always overworked…it is natural to feel that you are stress.

To think I never have a proper vacation…for a long while. It’s always gathering but never a real vacation for the past almost four years.

I love to eat…

and everybody says I’m fat and it doesn’t matter..for the past three years I’m always say to myself i’m going fat…

and when everytime i’m gaining I don’t know pound I feel confidence to my skin.

maybe today I feel I gained weight or it  is a problem but I don’t think so.



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