10:00 am 1/08/2016

I have urges…

while peel-off the small scars in my arms I feel something strong yet weak, weak in my part!!! maybe what I need is to…what? I don’t know. I hear my dog’s barking to someone outside of the door…maybe it’s just one of my neighbor. I writing it here because I know nobody wants to read this, specially people who are close to me!? i drinking my milo now. While typing this to my computer.

I finish to posted chapter 1. I should change it right now to filipino because that should be I doing…GOD! i’m wearing U.P. colors…may nails are starting to grow back…probably I should cut them later.

The warmed heat coming from outside the window and cold wind coming from the electric fan are both nice to my body.

i sip another hot chocolate drink.

It was a dull day, the posssibilities of not doing anything is tempting.

THIS blogging…somebody told me this doing anything. MAYBE…MAYBE!

writing book doesn’t doing me anything,”HE???” said that.

HIS calling me right NOW to the FUCKING ‘SKYPE’


but I wish I would die.

so he could suffer….


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